zaterdag, januari 08, 2000

Well that's me....

Well, that’s me. From left to right: Pub, 1 year en 2 years old (Click to enlarge) In Flanders they call me a cow-dog because I'm bread as a cattle herd and schutzhund. In Holland they use my French name, Bouvier. Two years ago I was born in Loosdrecht at Caya's Home. Bitch. Now I live in Hilversum near heather and woods with my boss. I call him 'The Bolle'. The Vondelpark in Amsterdam with all the dogs, runners, cyclists and horses is my favourite place. I write this little heather blog one or two times a week, in Dutch of course. When I'm a grown up, I'll do an English course. (This is translated by my neighbour cat Hobby, who lived for some years in New Zealand!) O yeah, die Bolle (my boss) is doing the videos. (See Yka.... 5 months) The photographs we do togehter. I made a collection for you with short English commentaries. (See Flickr, click on first set "Yka's Blog'.) At least, I tried. When you have seen the photographs and want to buy a nice, friendly, intelligent and beautifull dog like me, first read this letter. If you still like to write me youre very welcome.

I also have made some VIDEOCLIPS

Dogs can't talk. When a dog tells you he can, he is a liar.

- Wiet van Broeckhoven