donderdag, augustus 10, 2006

Great Photography

Today I was browsing groups on Flickr and discovered the photostream of Suzi Jane. Not so difficult. We are in the same group 'I as a child'. (Well actually, that's not me there. I placed a photograph of my boss, die Bolle, two years old. See the blog 'Geintje' below.) Most of the pictures on Flickr are very beautifull, even professional. (Especially for a amateur like me.) But a picture with a story is great photography. And this picture taken by her mom, is telling a real story. (And is a beautifull picture too. Click on it to enlarge.) Her commentary: 'Me at the age of five, miserable with chicken pox. I HATED that my mom took this picture, but now I'm glad she did. Not many people have pictures of themselves with inflamed pustules all over their body!' And she inherited this way of photography of her mother. I haven't seen before so many pictures where the photographer was able to express herself so clearly and direct as Suzi Jane. Go and see for yourself. (Becoming SJ, Listaholic, Personal Faves, shoe-tifull ....)(.....and don't mind my language. I'm a Dutch Dog writing in Dutch only, now trying........)